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    *If you are scheduling a pick-up on a shippers behalf, or as third party, and the freight is not ready upon pick-up – please be advised a second pick-up charge may apply.
    Any additional contact or reference numbers provided are very much appreciated.

    LTL/Freight Address

    4609 – 52 Street
    Lloydminster, SK S9V 2B3

    Oilfield Address

    Highway 16 East
    Lloydminster, SK S01 1R0

    Hours of Service

    Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Saturday: 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Saturday service must be marked on shipping bill of lading
    Sunday: Closed

    Contact Information

    Phone: 306-825-3574

    Customer Service:
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    Destinations Serviced

    • Blackfoot ND
    • Celtic M Pad (Husky) ND
    • Dee Valley (Husky) ND
    • Edam ND
    • Golden Lake (Husky) ND
    • Landrose ND
    • Lashburn ND
    • Lloydminster ND
    • Maidstone ND
    • Marshall ND
    • Meota, SK ND
    • Mervin, SK ND
    • Onion Lake ND
    • Paradise Hill ND
    • Paradise Hill Site (Husky) ND
    • Paradise Valley HFPU
    • Pikes Peak (Husky) ND
    • Prince, SK ND
    • Rush Lake ND
    • Sandals (Husky) ND
    • Serafina Site ND
    • Soda Lake ND
    • Spruce Lake (Husky) ND
    • Streamstown ND
    • Tulliby Lake ND
    • Vawn ND

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