Claims Terms and Procedures:

Please see our full document regarding claims, available for download here.

Damaged goods must be made available for pictures, inspection and/or salvage by the local depot if required.

  • Intent to claim should be made within 48 hours. Claims paperwork must be received within 60 days from date of delivery.
  • Concealed damage: stop unpacking, and contact the delivering depot! For more detail, see item # 3 from our Claims Terms & Procedures
  • Claim amount will be limited to $2.00/lb For more detail, see item # 4 from our Claims Terms & Procedures
  • Damages and shortages must be notated on POD For more detail, see item # 5 from our Claims Terms & Procedures
  • Carriers are not liable for overhead expenses, administration fees, other carrier freight charges, etc.
  • Carriers are not liable for goods shipper at “Owners Risk of Damage”

Your claims submission must include:

  • Copy of POD noting loss or damage
  • BOL as shipped, with actual weight
  • Vendor proof of cost to replace only
  • Estimated cost of repair

We will also require an invoice from you billing B&R for the eligible cost of the claim at $2.00/lb, or as negotiated with our claims department following review.

  • Once you’ve submitted your claim, you will receive a response confirming your claim has been received.
  • Please give us time: due to the volume received, we will reply as soon as possible.
  • Claimant will be contacted directly if more information or if clarification is required, and if claim is denied.
    • If your claim is incomplete, you will receive a reply with the information required. We require this information to be submitted within a 60-day time limit. If we have not received the remaining information within 60 days, the claim will be closed.
  • Salvage on damaged goods must be retained by the customer in the event a claim is paid. The salvage will then be given to B&R unless it is unsafe to do so, or you have been instructed in writing by B&R to discard it. If B&R is responsible for damages, replacement freight and freight for repair can be shipped through B&R. Please see our Terms & Procedures for details.

Approved claims are paid out only after the B&R Eckel’s invoice for the freight charges of the original shipment have been paid.

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