58 Years of History... And Counting.

B&R Eckel’s has a robust history founded on humble roots. Over the years, B&R Eckel’s has grown to be a leader in transportation service in the Freight and Oilfield industries across Western Canada.

Victor Ringuette and his friend, Andy Beaupre, formed a partnership and began B&R Transport

They each borrowed $2500.00 from their mothers to pay for insurance, etc., and made a deal to purchase trucks from a fellow in Camrose.

They pulled their first loads from Edmonton
At 30 below, the motor burned out of one of the trucks!

They persevered and by the end of the first year, B&R had a fleet of 5 or 6 trucks.

In the beginning, B&R’s office was located in Victor’s home. His wife was the receptionist, the secretary, the accountant, and the janitor. Pro-bills were all done by hand and had to be completed by 7:00am. They had no typewriter and no adding machine. The long columns of numbers were added by hand every month.

The business did find its footing, though, and in….

B&R bought Bonnyville Trucking’s business
Purchased their land and building

Around this time, they began hauling in and out of Cold Lake. B&R also established its long-standing relationship with RCAF Station, Cold Lake – now known as 4 Wing, Cold Lake.

Wanting to try his hand at other things, Andy Beaupre sold his half of B&R to Victor and left the community
Victor and 7 other “truckers” created Central Truck Depot in Edmonton

Victor is still part of the ownership team of Central Truck

B&R bought Martin’s Transport in Cold Lake, and for a while, continued to run under Martin’s name

This was a wise business move – those customers who did not want to haul with B&R were able to hire Martin’s instead. Everyone was happy and the business prospered.

B&R purchased Eckel’s Transport in Goodsoil

The company name was changed to secure running rights in Saskatchewan.

B&R also bought out Bill Fox in Elk Point and took over the freight service from that terminal

Around the same time, B&R also bought out BM Transport in Bonnyville.

B&R purchased Pollock’s transport in Pierceland

Late 70’s – B&R became involved in the Oilfield industry.
Sales continued to grow, but the years were not without some serious setbacks.

Fire destroyed 11 trucks and the entire maintenance shop

Adversity tends to bring out either the best or the worst in people. Victor Ringuette doesn’t fold – he focuses. Within days Victor had rented space for the shop and business carried on.

Early 80’s – B&R was hauling much of Imperial Oil’s freight and with the heavy speculation about oil development, the business expanded to be ready.

The “patch” did boom and B&R grew right along with it until the bust of 1986.

B&R hauled approximately 50 loads out of its Edmonton Terminal
There were 9. Oil prices had bottomed out. B&R parked 17 trucks

Those were hard times. Mr. Ringuette did what he had to do to “ride the rough road.”
He sold his freight division to Byers Transport. He sold what equipment he could. He sold his shares in the Depot. He just didn’t give up. Always a futurist, he believed that things would turn around if he could just “hold tight”.

And he was right.

BP and Esso began “drilling like hell.” The economy “turned the corner.” B&R had survived
B&R re-established its freight division and Victor bought back his shares in Central Truck Depot

B&R Eckel’s continued to grow……

B&R established its pipe yard, which warehouses and transports pipe for numerous customers
A small Oilfield division was established in Major, Saskatchewan
B&R acquired the assets of Cruthers’ Transport in Vermilion
B&R Eckel’s opened its own office and shop in Edmonton

Prior to this, the business had operated out of an office at Central.

B&R purchased Roy’s Trucking, a little picker operation in Lloyminster

That operation has expanded considerably since then. A freight service was also developed in Lloydminster.

Thorhild Trucking was added to B&R’ s fleet
A small freight service was set up in Wainwright
Acquired the transportation assets of Hi-Way 28 Transport in St. Paul
Acquired the assets of Bison Transport in Wainwright
Acquired the assets of Arly’s / Rocky Transport in Calgary, Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House
Acquired the assets of Boyle Transportation
Acquired the assets of Eastline Transfer in Vegreville
Acquired the assets of Pack Mule Cartage in Vermilion

Currently, B&R Eckel’s Transport Ltd. employs approximately 420 people and its fleet consists of 400 power units and 975 trailing equipment units.

Founder and President, Victor Ringuette, passes away in November

Management of the company is assumed by a Management Committee.

B&R Eckel’s is acquired by Mullen Group Ltd

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